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A site 100 per cent dedicated  to the memory
of the martyrs of the Vendée Wars.


Why has this site been created?

Because today, 200 years after the genocide ordered by the Convention, the official history of France still denies the real facts. Whatever the Republic's hagiographers may think, Marianne [female symbol of the French Republic] was a blood-crazed ogress. "La Gueuse" [the villainous woman] set out to slit the throats of the children she did not consider her own, and thereby encourage others to acknowledge her maternal authority. It was decided that the département of the Vendée should serve as an example to the other insubordinate areas (Brittany, Maine, Normandy, the South of France, etc).And once chastised, it was proposed that the rebellious region would be rebaptised "Vendée-Vengé" [Vendée-Revenge] (see the excellent book of the same title by Reynald Secher).

Why "Rembarre!"?
It was the war-cry of the Vendeans. What does it actually mean? I'm not certain, in the context of the time. A few Vendean farmers still shout the word when driving their cattle. In our local dialect, "rembarrer" means "to shut in" and, in a wider context, "encircle".

Who is the author of this site?
A Vendean, living in the Vendée and a descendant of the "Giants of 1793" (to use Napoleon's expression). I have chosen to locate my site in the US to avoid trouble for my own service provider. That sort of thing can happen in France - land of liberty (as long as you think like everyone else). The views expressed on this site would be viewed as little short of blasphemy by those who have swallowed the official version of the story, set out in French history books.

 Voir cette sale bête de Marianne  


Here is the real face of Marianne La Gueuse


Who is with me?
If you want to write something yourself on the subject - go ahead! Get it off your chest! Send your offerings to the email address below.

Tale of the Rising in the Vendee by G A Henty. (Preface 1899)
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Listen (with Real Audio) to the "veuse" (bagpipe) players who marched at the head of the army (124kb)


Background: The Colour of the Grande Armée Catholique et Royale [Great Catholic and Royalist Army], which numbered some 50,000 men.

Picture, top:
Armed with guns captured from the enemy, the Vendeans attack. The figure in the foreground carries the famous "reversed scythe blade".

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Chronicle of a Genocide
Letter to the Great Turk
The Vendée Wars retold for the grandchildren of the Republic
Alain Decaux: a turncoat
The Vendée Wars - 1998
A comic-strip about the Vendée Wars
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